The Fall of Future’s Plans

Only those who are dealing with chronic illness would understand 
the pain {besides the pain} of having your worst nightmare underneath your skin
Relief comes covered in fear

Only those facing invisible illness might recognize the loneliness of being misunderstood 
{they come along with the physical discomfort piled up with social disappointment}

Three steps forward, three steps back

Cheers to Tempo - not the time, not the weather, nor the rhythm;
The beauty of a word converging 
my least favorite capitalist appropriation 
the the muse of my motion 
and the motion, devotion

It went all wrong and {maybe therefore} everything is right

Cintia Vinhal, almost 40yo, Luiza’s mom, Communication and Process specialist. Since 2,5 years with symptoms that led to a new meaning of life with an incredible self awareness and gratitude for the others – silver lining since 1983.

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